7 Best Tips for Straightening Your Hair

by | Sep 10, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

A flat iron can really be a girl’s best friend when you know how yo use it. Straighteners are an invaluable tools for wavy, curly and even straight hair. You can change from curly to sleek and from wavy to sharp with a few simple moves.

To get the most out of your hair straightener, follow the tips below and you’ll look like you just stepped out of a salon in no time.

1. Size Matters

mini hair straightener

Not all flat irons are fit for everyone. Your hair’s length and thickness will determine the size of iron that you need. Having he right size is important in terms of maneuverability and to prevent any overheating or damage to your hair.

If you have short, thick or fine hair you want to use a straightener with narrow plates. The ideal size range would be between half an inch to one inch thick.

For long, thick or fine hair you can use bigger plates ranging between 1.5 and 2 inches. If you opt for these larger size irons, be aware of the weight, because you do not want to feel like your weight training as you style your hair.

2. The Right Material

materials cloud

You want to get a hair straightener that has plates made from ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. These materials are better at evenly distributing heat which means they won’t damage your hair.

They are also more gentle due to the release of negative ions which tighten the hair’s cuticle. This is what is responsible for the shiny, healthier and less frizzy look you want.

Do NOT use any irons that are ceramic ‘coated’ because these tend to have a more drying effect and do not distribute heat as evenly. They are also prone to the ceramic coating chipping off over time.

3. Heat Setting


flat iron temperature graph


The heat setting of a straightener will depend on the texture and type of hair you have. Most store bought flat irons tend to have higher settings so be careful.

The ones used in salons have more variable settings and can be easily adjusted for each customer. If you do have the option to get one with controllable heat, then do so.

For those of you with fine or damaged hair you want to set the heat between 250 and 300 degrees; for medium or average hair set it between 300 and 350 degrees and for thick or coarse hair set it between 340 and 450 degrees.

4. Protect Your Hair

heat protection spray

Hair styling tools like straighteners are notorious for drying out hair. They use the hairs’ natural moisture to give it a new shape.

Steam producing flat irons are available and these are less likely to cause brittle and breakable strands. Always use a heat protection product on your hair before using a hair straightener to keep it as safe as possible from the heat.

The only thing you want to have crispy and crunchy is your tacos. 🙂

5. Always Dry First


woman drying hair


Never try to straighten your hair while it is still wet. Some people will try this to save time if they are in a hurry, but the damage you do to your tresses will be irreparable.

Wet hair is like a loose spring that stretches way too easily and can snap at any moment. As a straightener touches your wet hair, it literally boils the moisture inside the shaft and cracks the hair.

Cracked and split hair not only loses its shine but creates a more frizzy appearance, which is exactly what you were trying to correct in the first place.

6. Get Volume


voluminous hair


You may have often felt that using a flat iron does just that to you hair; leaves it flat. There are ways to use a straightener and get volume. To do this, you need to iron from the shaft to the ends and as you pull down the hair, you are lifting your hair away from the scalp.

Never pull the iron straight down, because his creates a lifeless look and can put creases in your hair. A small flip at the end of each strand will give just a little bounce.

Getting that sleek, super straight or – if you like – wavy hair full of body like you see on the red carpet really is very simple.

7. Clean Your Iron


clean flat iron


Each time you’re finished with using a flat iron, you need to clean it. In the event any hair gets burned it can stick to the surfaces and cause snags and uneven pull later on.

Additionally any products you may have used on your hair before hand can leave sticky residues on the plates. When the surface of the iron is not smooth, it is harder to pull through your hair, causing breakage and damage.

Cleaning a flat iron is simple; just some lukewarm water and a cloth. So if you get in the habit of wiping it down after every use, it will reward you with glistening, sleek locks.


Women do not just wake up with beautiful, straight hair, every strand in place. That only happens in the movies.

To get those movie star looks, you need to put in a little effort.Thankfully, the effort is minimized with a quality hair straightener.

Once you know how to use them, you can look great in minimal time, essentially making it effortless.

Get the eye-catching, all-day-in-a-salon style, with a few minutes and an iron.

Diamonds are not a girl’s only best friend; her hair straightener is too! 🙂


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