Ceramic vs. Titanium vs. Tourmaline

by | Dec 27, 2017 | Tips and Tricks

Selecting a flat iron is no easy task. With all the talk about how flat irons can damage your hair, it is important to get one that will be as gentle as possible. This usually comes down to the choice of material.

Price, heat settings and reliability are important but the choice of metal plates also requires consideration. Flat iron plates can be made from ceramic, titanium or tourmaline, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

On the surface it may seem like they all do the same thing. You could not be any more wrong and without researching before buying your hair will pay the price. Advances in technology have allowed most flat irons to deliver exceptional quality.

Ceramic, titanium and tourmaline are similar in that they smooth your hair, reduce frizz and promote shine.

However, some materials are superior to others which is why you want to take care when making a decision.

Ceramic Flat Irons

Ceramic plates allow for a more even distribution of heat which works well for medium to thick hair. These straighteners will be more affordable but take care not to select one that is too low in price.

Cheaper versions may be made of plastic or metal and coated with ceramic which will be less reliable and potentially cause more damage.

Ceramic coated plates are also prone to chipping, so once this happens you will need to look for a new flat iron. You will not have these problems if you buy a straightener with purely ceramic plates.

Titanium Flat Irons

These are the irons that heat up the fastest which makes them popular for people on the go. Titanium lasts forever and is lightweight, making these irons great travel companions.

Titanium irons are preferred in by hair stylists and salons because of the superior sleekness and shine given to the hair.

Due to titanium’s ability to hold heat longer, styling does not take as long, reducing the amount of overall heat exposure to your hair.

Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline is a crystalline material that is crushed up and used to coat the plates of flat irons. It provides the most superior finish in terms of shine and reduced frizz.

These higher quality plates are preferred for damaged hair, because they allow styling without causing further damage.

Tourmaline tends to wear down much faster than titanium or ceramic and is better suited for finer hair that is easy to straighten.

How To Choose

Depending on your budget, hair type and preferences, any of the three materials discussed will deliver. Simply decide what your priorities are and what you need from your flat iron.

The important features for each plate material are summarized below to help your decision making process.



  • Heats evenly, protecting from uneven heat application and damage.
  • Costs a fraction of the cost of titanium and tourmaline irons.
  • If ceramic coated, plates can chip easily, which can snag or tear hair as well as cause uneven heat application and burns.
  • The material underneath the ceramic can provide too harsh a heat for your hair.


  • Lightweight with high temperature stability.
  • Heats within seconds and retains heat for longer.
  • Must be used carefully, to avoid heat damage to your hair.
  • Better for heavy salon use, rather than daily use.


  • Applies heat quickly and accurately to give the sleekest looks.
  • Provides the most negative ions which gives the most shine and smoothness.
  • More expensive than ceramic, even though it is often a coating over ceramic plates.
  • Can chip away revealing the material underneath and an uneven surface can damage your hair.

When it comes to avoiding heat damage the best option is ceramic plates infused with tourmaline. This ultimately gives you the best of both worlds if you have fine or damaged hair and need to minimize heat exposure.

If you have thicker, curly hair then any of the flat iron materials will work for you. Just remember that prolonged use will cause damage so be sure to take precautions and use protective products in your hair.

Regardless of the plate material, flat irons are a great tool to get sleek, shiny locks.

With the right shampoo and conditioner, heat preparation process and aftercare as well as cautious heat application, you will be looking salon sleek in no time, without going to one 🙂

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