Chi Air Expert Review

There are many good hair irons on the market but CHI has always held the top spot when it comes to great ceramic irons. As one of the first companies to hit the industry, they remain one of the biggest names in hair straightening tools despite the heavy competition.

 The first Chi flat irons were all black with tan ceramic plates but are now available in an assortment of fun colors. With quick heating plates, smooth plastic housing and unbeatable reliability; you cannot go wrong with a CHI.

chi air expert iron

Beating out the competition for over 20 years, the favorite CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic 1-inch flat iron is still at the top of its game. When you hear “Chi” you think energy and flow and this is exactly what you can expect from this flat iron. Create any style with ease and proudly show off your energized and free flowing locks with just one simple tool.

Controlled Heating

The heat controls for the CHI Classic are located on the inner side of the housing which is perfect so you do not accidentally change then mid-style. A wheel control mechanism is used to gradually change the heat and once your desired temperature is reached, a light will tell you when you are good to go.

Compared to other flat irons on the market, specifically the more ‘instant’ versions, the Classic from CHI still get the heat you need quickly. Reliable ceramic plates and an even distribution of the heat are what makes this iron all you need for every style, so all those extra high heats are not necessary.

When you consider the price to get those ‘instant’ and high temperature irons, it ends up not being worth it. Keep it simple and keep it classic; any style you need will last all day with the CHI.

Nothing Better than Ceramic Heat

Even distribution across durable ceramic plates is the best way forward for hair tools. The plates on the Classic CHI are comparable to any other iron on the market that reaches higher temperatures.

The key is the distribution of the heat, and CHI perfects this by eliminating hot spots (seen with many other models and brands). Removing hot spots and providing even heat all over, ensures your hair will have an even natural flow to it.

When Ceramic Met Tourmaline

The addition of tourmaline to the plates gives this hair straightener a little extra something. This mineral is crushed up and layered over the plates and once hardened it creates an additional barrier.

What you get is amazingly smooth surfaces and consistent heat coverage, so you don’t have to worry about burns or snags in your perfectly straightened hair.

Straight and Go

One of the best features for this iron is its ability to heat quickly, straighten efficiently and let you walk out the door in record time. Just think of those few extra minutes you can enjoy in bed each morning.

You no longer have to panic when company decides to come over at the last minute. Daily hair stresses are over when you straighten and go with the Classic CHI.

Perfect Size, Perfect Style

The small housing and precision of the plates make this easy to take anywhere and easy to create any style. The compact nature of the CHI allows you to create perfect curls and waves with one simple flick of the wrist.

Quality Costs

In general CHI irons run close to $100 and the Classic stays consistent to this. While this may seem high at first, when you consider the longevity of the brand itself and the reliability of the technology, you are best to consider buying one as an investment.

You will get use out of the iron for years which will end up saving you from having to constantly replace cheaper versions.

Classic but Trendy

You get the same classic reliability and durability in fun trendy colors. While color is not the most important feature it is something that users appreciate, variety being the spice of life and all. The CHI Classic comes in black, pink, red, purple, blue and green.

chi air expert colors


Things to Consider

Halting: One of the biggest complaints about flat irons and hair tools in general, is that they stop working after a year or so. Given the higher price of this iron, this is definitely something you will want to consider.

Nobody wants to spend $100 just to have to buy another flat iron one year later, so look at reviews as the best way to determine if this will be a fit for you. The longevity of the brand speaks highly for this flat iron in terms of durability.

Nobody Likes Getting Burned: The plastic housing on this model is not the best at providing heat protection, especially compared to other brands. This has not been identified as a huge problem, however it is best to be wary of this when considering the iron and especially when using it.

You can consider wearing protective gloves, if you really like the iron but find it getting a little too hot to handle.

CHI Forever

The brand has significant staying power and with no sign of CHI changing anything anytime soon, this is a brand and a flat iron worth the investment. You will be rewarded with great looking styles and energized hair for a long time.

With all the advances in technology, it is amazing to see a tool that is so similar to its earliest predecessors. Simply speaking, this is a true testament to the quality that you are getting - which is why in my opinion - the CHI Classic Flat Iron is a great choice to make.

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