Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Review

If you have a lot of hair, straightening can end up being a painful chore, especially if the iron is not comfortable to hold. By the time you get done your hand may feel like it is ready to fall off.

I guess it makes sense that comfort is not an easy feature to add once you consider all the wires that run through the body of a flat iron. If there was one with a comfortable handle it would definitely be at the top of my list.

Croc Classic Nano Titanium iron

Naturally, when I came across the Croc Classic, I was intrigued. This flat iron had a shape unlike any other I had ever seen. The base is thinner than the top which means the part you hold onto is smaller and easier to grip. For those of us who don’t have muscular hands, this iron is a dream.

Bigger Plates for your Buck

The Croc Flat Iron gives you 1.5 inch plates which are not liked by everyone. Given that the iron also has a slim cover, it still works well for those who are not fans of the wider plates.

Unfortunately, there are not different size options available, so if you have short hair or want a smaller plate, this will not be the model for you. The small body does make it easier to handle the larger size plates, so anyone can make it work.

Nobody Likes Getting Burned

Even when you are not the clumsiest person on the planet, everybody has had at least one burn from a hair straightener. You can be as careful as can be and have the highest quality flat iron and you still get a burn.

The shape of the Croc is unique and keeps the heating elements further away from your hand than other models. What this means to you is less chance of a burn.

No Heavyweights Here

The plates are made with titanium which keeps hair smooth and is less likely to cause tangles or burn hair. Titanium also has the advantage of not chipping the way that ceramic plates can.

At first, you may thing that metal plates are going to be heavy, but the good news is that the Croc Classic is lightweight and easy to hold and maneuver.

No Curl Zone

The main function of a hair straightener is in its name, but many people like to use them to create salon style curls. Because this flat iron has wider plates, it is not ideal for making curls.

The only exception is if you have long hair thus giving the wide plates more hair to work with successfully. When it comes to just straightening, the larger plates work perfectly well.


croc classic controls

It’s Got Your Back

The most unique feature of the Croc Classic Flat Iron is that it remembers your the last temperature used. The digital temperature setting can be off-putting but when you find out that you don’t have to change the setting each day, you see the benefit.

Heating your hair at too high a temperature can seriously damage your hair, so if you forget your setting, the iron will not let you down. It will provide the same safe heat you used before in case you forget.

The Need for Speed

When you need to get ready in a flash there is no need to panic, this iron heats up quickly. Turn it on and in less than a few minutes you are good to go. You can stay in bed a little longer in the morning 🙂

An Ally to the Most Difficult Hair

It is well known that thicker hair or coarse hair is often not a friend to hair straighteners. The titanium plates and consistent heat application of the Croc makes it a tool for all hair types. If you typically have trouble getting your hair straight, this will be the iron for you.

It is capable of reaching the right temperatures and the smooth surfaces apply heat evenly to give coarse hair the straight look you desire. There is no need to pay outrageous fees for a professional salon or straightening chemicals; simply go get a Croc.

Final Thoughts

As with every other hair tool on the market, flat irons and their features are chosen based on a person’s preferences. The smaller base, great heating capability and smooth titanium plates make this perfect for thick hair and those with smaller hands and weaker grips.

The Croc also produces an amazing shine that no other iron on the market can come close to. If these are features that appeal to you, then get one now and get stylish locks in not time.

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