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There is a reason that women invest so much into their hair; it is one of the most important accessories. When it comes to appearance, hair is the best natural accessory we have which is why it is so important to maintain it and always have it in top condition.

Having ‘bed hair’ just does not cut it and you can’t wear hats all the time. The GHD Classic offers a perfect solution to that unruly morning hair and gives you straight and smooth or curly and swirly. Whatever look you are going for, this classic flat iron has got you covered.

ghd original flat iron

Main Features

When you want to straighten your hair, start with a few mists of GHD thermal protector. Starting close to the roots, the GHD Classic 1-inch iron will glide through your hair effortlessly in a singular smooth motion. When you want to add a little curl, all it takes is a few small turns as you glide the plates over your hair.

The GHD Classic has smooth heating plates with a classic yet luxury design, leaving your hair with a salon style finish. The body of the iron stays cool and is lighter than other models, making it easy to hold and style.

Since we are all human and therefore prone to error, we’ve all had at least one experience of leaving our hair tools on. Luckily, the GHD comes equipped with a sleep mode that turns the heat off after 30 minutes of non-use.

Additionally when you need to style and go, the protective casing makes it possible to pack the iron away as soon as you are done. It also comes with universal voltage, which means you don’t need a transformer and can plug it in wherever you go. All of this combined with its sleek design; make it the perfect travelling companion for those who are on the go a lot.

The Good and the Bad

Simplicity: This flat iron works as advertised and is very simple. Complete with an instruction manual as well as a DVD with demonstrations for use, you can be assured you will know what to do. There is no risk of being without style and shine so long as you have this in your bag or bathroom.

Compact: The small and lightweight design make this a perfect tool for travel

Fakes: Because of its simplicity and popularity, there are many fakes on the market to be wary of. Since GHD has found its place among all the iconic brands, people have developed a number of fakes to cash in on its success.

With fakes, you will not get the same quality or experiences so there are a few things to look out for to make sure you get the real deal.

The real GHD irons are marked “made in the P.R.C or Korea”; fakes are marked as “Made in China”

  • The fakes are made with flat-headed screws rather than domed ones
  • The real item will have a DVD with a number code on the back whereas fakes contain a “DVD R”
  • The real device comes with two booklets
  • GHD uses matte boxes made from thick and strong quality material; the fakes are in shiny boxes and can often have misspelled words
  • The real iron has one hole on the cord where it meets the iron’s body as opposed to either none or three holes like a fake.

ghd classic iron with box

The Word on the Street

The GHD Classic is has been received well on the market. With most people being used to sub-standard qualities and inferior products, this professional grade model continues to get one positive review after another. Both customers and hair stylists alike have nothing but praise for this straightener.

Inferior products can take a long time to heat and even at their highest temperature do not perform well. This dries your hair out and leads to a lot more split ends and frizzy looking hair. Over time with these irons, your hair becomes dull, lifeless and unhealthy and any repairs will be costly.

The heating mechanisms of the GHD Classic heats quickly and adjusts to what your hair needs; there is no need to worry about adjusting settings. With one single pass through your hair, you get smooth, silky locks that will not frizz up at the sign of any wind or humidity.

Because of the presence of fakes on the market, there are mixed reviews out there. Be careful what you read because some of the negative comments were most likely about a fake and inferior product. Most of the time those bad reviews are aware that they got duped and are just ranting because of this.

Even with the fakes and the bad reviews, this iron universally is still toted as an amazing flat iron. So long as you verify the reputation of the person you are buying from, you are guaranteed to be happy and looking great.

Final Thoughts

Working quickly, efficiently and with simple yet sleek design, the GHD Classic 1-inch straightener is as close to perfect as you can get. If you only have one choice to make when it comes to your hair, then choose the GHD Classic. The results you see will speak for themselves and are more convincing than any review.

Whether you take your time with your hair or are constantly on the go, this classic will keep you in style and ready for any occasion. Bells and whistles are not necessary; here at, we like to keep it simple and keep it classic. GHD Classic!

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