Rusk RSK732 Review – The Best Iron for Natural Hair

Technological advances have made hair straighteners pretty much all the same when it comes to appearance and structure. The industry has therefore switched focus and looks at improving features beyond structure, temperature and materials used.

The goal is to bring you the best hair straightener and to make their item stand out; they have to think outside the box. There is more to it than just giving the tool a fancy name, because let’s face it, that doesn’t really make the item any more unique or worth owning.

When the Rusk Professional Str8 Titanium Infused Ceramic Iron was released the name was a mouthful but its patented technology was an eye-catcher. The plate coating has what they call Sol-Gel Plate Technology boasts superior quality and can do what other straighteners cannot.

The Sol-Gel allows you to pull the iron through your hair in a smooth, effortless gliding motion. It is able to organize the hair better along the plates to ensure there are no snags or tangles. Most people will straighten their hair in small bunches so this is not usually a problem, but knowing you can get your hair done faster in larger chunks without the snags is revolutionary.

rusk rsk732 flat iron

All Hair Textures Welcome

Many flat irons on the market will claim to be good for all hair types, but the truth is that many African American women have difficulty with straighteners because of their gorgeous, thick and curly black hair. Even when they can find one, it is not guaranteed to keep their hair soft.

The Rusk RSK732 Flat Iron is excellent at creating straight, soft hair for any hair texture, giving it some pretty impressive credentials and places it at the top of the quality flat iron lists.

The heat ranges on this iron vary from as low as 280 degrees, for those with finer hair that do not need to much heat, all the way up to 450 degrees for thick hair and a lot of texture.

Size Does Matter

Depending on the style you are looking for and the amount of hair you have, there are two different size options. The smaller 1 inch RSK686 version is great for creating fun curling styles. If you only want straight hair or some beach waves, then you can go with the larger 1.25 inch RSK732.

Spend a Little, Save a Lot

At first glance the higher price of this iron can be a turn off, but when you look at it as an investment, there is a definite benefit to spending the extra upfront. In the long term you actually save money because you can create your own salon looks without actually going to the salon.

The technology also takes care of your hair and will not burn and dry it out, so those trims will not need to be as often. Higher pricing comes with higher quality, so you will have this iron for longer than a cheaper brand, which means over time the price works out to be pretty beneficial.

rusk rsk732 heat controls

Heat Lasts Forever

It is one of our pet peeves here at Flat Iron Chick when it comes to flat irons, but automatic shut off is essential. We have all left the house before without unplugging our hair tools so that automatic option is a necessity for peace of mind. For every great feature the Rusk Flat Iron boasts, this is the one feature it is sadly missing. It makes me wonder why they got everything else just right, so how did they forget to include that?

Better for Length

If you have shorter hair then the shape of this iron is not really ideal for small passes. With short hair you risk more burns and the iron will spend more time close to your face. The shape of does not work with shorter styles and may burn your skin or hair more easily.

Short Stops

The Rusk Flat Iron is amazing but there is one drawback that seems to occur more often than one would like. There are a tiny percentage of irons on the market that will suddenly stop working but it does happen.

Unfortunately, the Rusk iron has had a few more of these instances than desired. The upside to this is quite a common problem across all flat iron brands, definitely not unique to the Rusk brand.

Good Price, Good Choice

The missing automatic shut off feature is probably the one major drawback and depending on your individual preferences, this may not be so big.

When all is said and done, The Rusk Flat Iron has a unique technology and amazing features that make it a good choice for the price you pay. And when it comes to thick and coarse hair, there really is no better option out there.

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