3 Easy Hair Styles You Can Try Using Your Straightener

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Styling

We all want to feel gorgeous and for those of us with almost straight hair (just wavy enough to look like you just got out of bed!) or the crazy curly hair that needs some taming, a flat iron is one of the best tools we can own.

Mostly, you will use it to straighten your hair (duh!), but occasionally you might be in the mood for something else.

Flat irons can actually also be used for a variety of looks including curly, beachy waves, and crimping.

Gorgeous Curls

flat iron curls

You can use your straightener to curl.

Yes, I said it. It can actually curl your hair.

This can be done much quicker than using a curling iron and with practice can even make a better curl. Begin with straightened hair, then separate into one inch sections. You can make smaller sections depending on how tight a curl you want.

Here’s how you do it:

Apply mousse for volume and for holding the curl. Now for the fun part, curl your hair from the bottom just like you would if you were using a curling iron, rolling the iron toward your scalp.

When you reach the scalp, twist the flat iron. Let the hair sit twisted around the straightener for a few seconds (not too long, you don’t want to burn your hair!) then pull down just like you would if you were straightening it (go easy and don’t pull too hard and end up pulling your curl out).

For bigger curls, you’ll need to use a larger iron. For smaller and tighter curls, use a thin one. Now you have lovely flowing curls. 🙂

Beachy Waves

flat iron waves

Next, we’ll use it to get those wispy almost curls called beachy waves. For the best results for these type curls, use a thin  iron. Straighten your hair before you begin. The way you hold the straightener is very important for this look.

Hold the iron facing the floor instead of horizontal. Begin a few inches from the scalp, keeping turning and twisting the hair straightener away from your face as you move down your hair. You need to use both hands to turn it to keep it moving. Do this in about one inch pieces. Be sure to keep moving the straightener. If you don’t keep it moving, you can end up with “dents” in your hair.

Once all sections are done the end result is beautiful half curl half waves.

Here comes the Crimp!

flat iron crimp

Another great hairstyle with the flat iron is the crimp. I know, I know, we are not back in the 80’s. 🙂

The crimp I am talking about is a tight wave that is smooth, sleek and frizz free.

There are two techniques to get a crimp like this. For both ways, straighten your hair before trying either technique.

First technique:

Braid your hair in one half to one inch braids putting the remaining hair into a bun. Spay each braid with thermal spray and let dry. Press the iron against each braid from top to the end. Let the braid cool for a bit after, then unbraid. Move on until each section of hair is braided, sprayed, ironed, cooled and unbraided.

Second technique:

This one is much quicker but the crimps may not be as “crimpy” (lol), for lack of a better word. Start at the scalp, spray thermal spray and let dry. Now move the straightener down the hair in a back and forth motion. Kind of like a zig zag, all the way to the end. Let the hair cool before touching it.

And voila! Pretty crimps!!

With all three of the hair styles talked about, practice is going to be the key to getting the look right. Take your time and have patience and the reward will be worth it! The key to all of them is to take your time and work in small sections, use thermal spray or volume mouse and let each section cool before touching it.

We all want to feel beautiful and when our hair looks good, we do feel beautiful. Whether you are going for a soft sexy look or a sleek professional look, the hair styles above are easy and quick and all with the use of a flat iron!

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